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There Once Was a Hand is a series of live-action segments that appeared on Sesame Street, beginning with Episode 0007. The segments were produced by Clark Gesner.

The films are set in front of a blue wall and feature two silent, sentient disembodied hands. The first film in the series, narrated by Skip Hinnant, introduces the left hand. He is unhappy because he cannot make a noise by himself. He is satisfied when he meets the right hand and learns to clap. The subsequent films open and close with flute music and do not feature narration.

The films appeared from Season 1 until Season 14.


Picture Summary / First Appearance Description
There Once Was a Hand (Features)
Episode 0007
Skip Hinnant narrates the story of an unhappy hand who wishes he could make a noise.
Episode 0649
The hands try to communicate with each other by making sounds from opposite sides of a wall.
Episode 0668
The right hand plays with a ping-pong ball and tricks the left hand into thinking an egg is one.
Episode 0699
The right hand tickles the left hand with a feather.
Ball Drop
The left hand hears a ball falling from above at a great distance (indicated by a whistling sound). He catches the ball, ponders where it came from, then drops it. The ball's long descent continues until it lands with an enormous thud.