Written by Michaela Muntean
Illustrator Lisa McCue
Publisher Muppet Press/Henry Holt Company
Series Weekly Reader Fraggle Rock Book Club

Unlike all the other Fraggles living in Fraggle Rock, Boober is a natural worrier and he begins to worry even more when he thinks he hears his fellow Fraggles say he is a depressing wet blanket.


Red begins creating a new "water bouncer" with the help of Mokey, Gobo, and Wembley. Since Boober is not present, they begin talking about him and assume that he is probably doing his laundry. However, Boober happens to arrive when he overhears Red say that he worries too much and that he can be difficult and depressing at times.

Assuming that the gang no longer need him, Boober sulks away to mope and remarks how unique his friends are compared to himself. This inspires him to make a list of self-improvements and overhaul his personality. Boober then tries taking some of his friends' hobbies, starting with making a poem (Mokey) and agreeing with everyone (Wembley), but winds up with no success. Now desperate, he sets off to retrieve one of Uncle Traveling Matt's postcards, but faints by the time he sees Sprocket. Embarrassed when Gobo spots him, Boober runs off to hide under his bed in humiliation.

By now, the other Fraggles have taken notice of Boober's problem and decide to take drastic measures to cheer him up. They all convince him how important he is to the group and all the times he helped each of them out just by being himself. A joyful Boober is then inspired to write his own poem.