Music by Christopher Cerf
Lyrics by Sarah Durkee
Date 1986
Publisher Durkee/Jacobs Inc.
Sesame Street Inc.
Splotched Animal Music Co.
First Episode 2351

"They Can't Take That Away From Me" is a Sesame Street song sung by Cookie Monster, who initially sings about having six cookies before a couple of Anything Muppet kids (performed by Jerry Nelson and Fran Brill) take some of his cookies, leading to Cookie Monster being sad until Guy Smiley reminds Cookie of how many cookies he has left. Eventually, Guy Smiley decides to take Cookie's last two cookies, leaving Cookie Monster sad over having no cookies, until Guy Smiley tells him that zero is a number and now he now has zero cookies. Cookie then eats his zero cookies, saying that they "taste great. less filling," (the slogan of Miller Lite beer) before proceeding to eat the plate.


  • This segment was directed by Jon Stone and was taped on January 27, 1987.[1]



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