Thomas Blood painting

Thomas Blood (1618-1680) was an Irish officer famous for attempting to steal the Crown Jewels of England from the Tower of London.

In Muppets Most Wanted, Dominic Badguy and Constantine research Blood's methods in their own attempt to finish what he started.

Beginning at the National Treasure Museum in Berlin, the villainous duo uncover a map left on the back of Blood's painting, invisible to the naked eye until revealed by a hot iron. This leads them to the Prado Museum in Madrid where they find a key hidden inside the bust of Blood's accomplice Godfrey the Unknown. The next clue leads them to the Irish National Bank in Dublin to uncover a locket which is still being worn by Blood's remains. Blood's key and locket are required to open a secret entrance in the Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are being held.

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