Thomas Sanford served as a walk-around performer in several Sesame Street Live tours, from the premiere show in 1980 until 1986. As a puppeteer, he performed in the wedding finale sequence of The Muppets Take Manhattan, operating Sam the Eagle and Beth Bear [citation needed].

Sanford performed for Sesame Street Live from 1980-1986. For the first two years, he performed in VEE's premiere show, A Sesame Street Mystery: The Case of the Missing Rara Avis; he played Victor the green Seedy Bird, a constable in was the Big Bird understudy. When the tour ended in Puerto Rico, he flew to Portland, Oregon to replace an injured performer [citation needed] in a show in progress, Big Bird's Super Spectacular Totally Amateur Show.

After that tour ended, he joined the cast of Around the World, in the roles of Big Bird, Herry Monster, and the pink Honker.

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