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  • Hey, I addressed the issue on Talk:Angelina McCoy. Also, when you get a chance, could you weigh in on Talk:The Tramp (Sesame Street)? I'm glad Nick collected the sketches (I didn't realize we didn't already have them on Charlie Chaplin, which upon closer examination, really is sad, but we have the material to easily build it up from just a sort of random gallery) but I don't fully understand his naming logic. We should probably ask Nate to weigh in too. (Just off for work now though).

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    • Ah, thanks. I hadn't seen that.

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    • And a new one, Category talk:Bullying. I get what Nick's trying to do and it's a good idea, but right off the bat I see a lot of stuff that doesn't fit (or if it does, needs context, not just being plunked in a category). This could be a list although outside of "Sesame Street Lists" I'm not sure where it best belongs (or even in, but that may not be ideal). Anyway, give it some thought when you can. (It looks like Nick did a word search of the Wiki and any page that used bully, "bullied," "bullies," or "bullying" were stuck in, regardless.)

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    • Ah jinx, you beat me to it, heh. Good timing.

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    • A FANDOM user
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