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  • Heh, you undid Buddy at the same time I did. Basically, as you can see, it's because it's not really relevant to the info box and we cover far too many movies (especially all those PG-13 to R movies where the relevance is just some Creature Shop effects or props) to do it every time (and then it gets into near semantics, like for all the G ratings, where we might as well say "G for everyone" or even cases where no rating was applied or added later for video, etc). I wondered why you did that, and then thought to check The Muppets (2011), so now I see why. I see there's an explanation there, but that's an exception because there was uncertainty about the rating and it's still new out (so people would be more apt to think "Why is the new Muppet movie not G?" than they would to wonder about The Witches or anything). Personally though, I think it would be better to discuss the rating in the text, but that's something we can tackle on the article's talk page later (the page is still more of a work in progress, after all).

    Plus of course those rating explanations have become more detailed over time (for the original release of Labyrinth, the best I can find is "thematic content," as opposed to "scary scenes, some sexual implications or subtext, infant in peril, and David Bowie in suggestive tights"). In general, the reasonings of the MPAA are outside our ken and focus anyway. Not that you needed the explanation, but here you go anyway!

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    • Yeah, incidentally, I couldn't find a "reason" for Labyrinth's PG rating anywhere. But yeah, its a little off the point, and a case of me just trying to over-correct. There is also an explanation for It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie should that one stay, since its Muppet movie? (Similar to the new film's situation.)

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    • Hi, guys! Just because I'm kind of a geek about ratings and stuff like that, I wanted to mention that the MPAA didn't really give out official reasons for ratings until a few years ago, when they made them part of the rating box on movie posters and the back of video boxes. Sometimes you'll see a retroactive one on an older movie, but Labyrinth didn't have one in 1986. I think it came about because of people not realizing that not all ratings mean the same thing. For example, The Passion of the Christ and American Pie are both rated R, but for obviously different reasons. So I think people were asking for a more detailed explanation, which led to the additional line of text in the rating box. I just checked the latest DVD and Blu-Ray of Labyrinth, and they don't have one.

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    • Thanks for weighing in, Ken! I thought that might have been the case (and of course we often see it added retroactively on movies that had no rating at all when released, but with no explanation). That's one of the reasons I really don't like including that in the infobox (that and the sheer number of Creature Shop or effects entries, since to start doing it on a few at random, we'd need to be consistent) but for the new film, it's an exception worth making at least until it's no longer current/news, and it's a major Muppet production as well (compared to Honey which is prop/effects, and Rat and Buddy which we cover in more detail but are still Henson/Creature Shop projects so varying ratings for those aren't a surprise).

      For It's a Very Merry..., it wasn't even released theatrically, the rating was added to the DVD packaging as we note, so in my opinion it shouldn't be there at all but noted in the section on DVD release.

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