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  • Hello, Brian yes I am trying to contribute episodes for sesame street from Seasons 30-35 but. I cant seem to figure out a way and then when I saw that you had clear pictures for Episode 4000 I just had to know who did them. So I am asking you how to upload pictures to the internet from my tv? and If its how much to ask do you still have so video of seasons from 30-35 cause I would like to see some of those episodes again.

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    • Not to intrude, but I had explained to you earlier the methods of getting images from tape to computer. If you don't have a way to do that (lack of a DVD burner), you can still contribute guides. Just leave out images or use images from segments present in the episode. If you wish to make a table guide, simple use [[Image:Noimage.png]] in place of street scenes/inserts new to the Wiki. We know you've tried using a camera to take pictures of your TV screen; that doesn't really fly, the images don't look so great. Your enthusiasm and resources are greatly appreciated, but if you have no other means of getting screenshots, don't fret and just add whatever info you can without them. Whatever you add will be helpful, images or not.

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