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  • Hi, Fred! I know you're a huge Disney fan, but we don't have to have that same "putting it under the same ownership" passage every time. On occasion it's fine, but after awhile it becomes rather like saying "Bugs Bunny is owned by Warner Bros. which distributed Follow That Bird." Either people already know that or it's easily found out by just clicking the link, and it's just like we don't have to note it on every single Marvel character page. On the Lucas page, where it's written in more of a narrative sense, it works better, but on Star Wars, it's just awkward.

    Frankly, looking around, we should take it off pages like The Incredible Hulk (where I'd missed or forgotten it was there), since we note the ownership on Marvel Comics. We don't note that for every ESPN sportscaster or current Disney-produced ABC show, and we shouldn't. One note on the main company page is sufficient, or in this case, since we don't have nor need a Lucasfilm page, on George Lucas. The note on Star Wars is mostly just because right now people are Googling the sale (and to clean-up a user who added it to the first sentence and implied Disney now owns the original movies, an issue which has not yet been clarified or decided; in fact a quick Google confirmed that Fox definitely still owns the first movie).

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    • Yeah, I get it. I saw the huge edit summary, so I can take a "hint" ;) Yes, I realize that it works better on Lucas' page.

      For the record, I was *not* the person who starting doing the "same ownership" thing. Some user a long time ago put the "same ownership" note on the Pixar article, and the only thing I did there was add Bear in the Big Blue House. So when it came to the Marvel pages, I followed suit.

      While we're on the topic; I know for a fact that there are still MANY people out there who don't know that Disney owns Marvel. So just because "people already know that" doesn't mean that *everyone* does. Heck, just because info is well documented online, doesn't mean that people are always willing to look for it. ;) There will always be people who are not well-informed. But I digress.

      As of this writing, I notice that you have not edited out the note on the Marvel characters pages, so feel free to, its no skin off my nose. I learned a long time ago that in a wiki, people will not always agree on how or what things should be documented. And I have also learned that just because something is a "rule" doesn't necessarily mean that it *needs* to be done the same way every time.

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    • Hi, Fred! I never said you started it, just explaining that it's not always needed. Like I said, forget whether they know Disney owns Marvel (and I already said it's fine on that page). Look at the Bugs Bunny example I gave, it's just not something we need to do for *any* company in that fashion. I just wanted to give a polite explanation so you'd know in the future and because there's just so much room in the edit summaries. No offense intended.

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    • Oh I know, and I understand. Please know that I do appreciate the note. :)

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    • ...Oh, and I just wanted to say, me being a Disney fan (as you mentioned) had nothing to do with this. My edits were about connections. (I was noting the Muppets characters) But yes, after looking over things, its a little excessive (and in some cases awkward) to get into details. I just feel that if there is a connection to be made, it should be noted.

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    • A FANDOM user
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