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  • Hi, I appreciate your enthusiasm on completing episode guides, and not to sound rude, but some of the things you've been doing lately haven't really been helpful. You went a little overboard in your talk page messages today, declaring that Episodes 1899 and 1957 are available on YouTube, and that guides for those episodes can be completed in no time.

    First of all, Sesame's selection of downloadable episodes (old and new) are $1.99 each; they're not free to transcribe from unless you choose to buy them. Second, episode guides aren't the type of things that can be completed "in no time." In fact, they are quite time consuming to assemble, and your redundant messages don't help get the job done faster. So, unless you want to start doing episode guides on your own, please tone down the messaging and be patient. Thanks.

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    • To reiterate, please chill out when it comes it the guides. We work very hard on them and we can't get them all done immediately. Yes, you'd like Season 42 to be done, but I don't have the resources. I'm sure others do, but they don't have the time. We're not in any rush, neither should you.

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    • Also, please don't create an episode page based just on the synopsis on the season talk page (Talk:Season 25). Take note of Danny's explanation above; it's said elsewhere that the episode descriptions were added years ago by various unreliable contributors, and that he parked them on the talk pages so they can be verified. It's unknown if they're even accurate, and if the only known info on an episode is a short synopsis, then it doesn't need an article.

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    • Looks like much of Episode 3184 is on YouTube, so I apologize for deleting your page before realizing. I just found Muppet Wiki:Episode guide format, which should be helpful if you want to create a guide the next time you have video resource. If you feel you're not ready to do a guide on your own, please message me or Oscarfan if another episode pops up on YouTube.

      It's important to communicate with other users, so please leave a reply below if you have any questions or let us know you've read and understand these messages. Thanks!

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