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  • Hi, Fred. We've spoken to you about this before, but I don't think it was clear. Maintaining a wiki is tricky. Danny and I founded Muppet Wiki in December of 2005, and the community has worked hard to make it a respected source of information. Sometimes that means restoring pages to a previous version in the interest of consistency. We have a set of tools that allow for this to be done in an efficient manner, but unfortunately those methods sometimes seem "down and dirty." Please don't take it personally; you're not the only one being singled out by having an edit rolled back. You've made some good contributions here, but I want to make sure you're understanding the intent here.

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    • I still don't understand why I was blocked.

      I also don't understand how "respected source of Information" applies here. I didn't vandalize anything, all I did was attempt to update a logo. Again, I still don't understand why it was reverted. So I asked you, and I never got a response.

      I think there is a huge misunderstanding here. I honestly don't think you realize what my issue is. I don't care if an edit I make gets reverted, I am NOT taking it personally. I have no idea if you ever saw it, but I asked you (out of morbid curiosity) why it was reverted, more than a week went by, and you never responded, I replied that I didn't appreciate that, and then I was blocked. Why?

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    • A FANDOM user
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