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  • So it's probably more of an opinion question, but I've noticed several character changes I don't necessarily agree with.

    I read a book where Cookie Monster wasn't interested in cookies at the end, but healthy snacks instead.

    While I understand where it's coming from, but I grew up with a Cookie who ate plates and glasses along with the cookies and milk, and I didn't have any trouble with eating too many cookies. I always thought he was a monster and there were special rules for them, as if they can always eat cookies if they'd like.

    So what about you, Muppet pros? Any changes to characters you don't agree with? Why?

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    • What was the book title, Pete? (If it was Vegetable Soup, that was 1980 and not meant as a permanent change, just showing Cookie that veggies can be tasty too). As the "Veggie Monster" page shows, it's not a real change. They've had skits and songs about eating healthier with Cookie but that goes as far back as the 70s and almost always end with him eating Cookies.

      And as you'll note, Sesame Workshop has mocked the misconceptions in the media and by general public recently: in an episode when Matt Lauer visited and Cookie explained he still liked Cookies, in his appearance on The Colbert Report (where he also eats a Peabody award), and this season, which in addition to cookie-focused stories like Cookie joining the Cookie Tasters' Club, had Episode 4305 in which Cookie is anxiously waiting for cookies, but any time he has a veggie in the interim to ease the waiting or because it also looks tasty, Mario Lopez proclaims him "The Celery Monster" and so on (and when he eats part of the street sign, "the lamppost monster").

      There have been changes in characterization over the decades (some like when Telly suddenly became obsessed with triangles always struck me as quite random), but for the most part, this isn't a real change, it's just gotten a lot more focus.

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