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  • I just now discovered, on Minor Unfinished Projects, info on this odd project, which Michael had added back in October. It's great actually, but I was about to alphabetize it when I realized that, really, it doesn't fit there but should get its own page. We've been using that to avoid stub pages, as a way to park untitled projects with one line descriptions or titled ones where we don't really know the plot or even a couple where it wasn't entirely clear whether it would have been a movie, special, or whatever.

    This, however, from the Redbook, is far more detailed than Inside My Head, as an example, at least up there with The Adventures of Rowlf in Outer Space or Uncle Deadly's House of Badness (not quite The Muppet Institute of Technology because that had great pics for us, but...) We can even add potential comparison/links, since even without the full script, it's clear that the models for this include the NBC Mystery Movie cycle (including Columbo, with Kermit essentially in that role), while the ABC movie of the week fare between 1971 and 1974 (the date given for this) had a tendency towards either horror (The Nightstalker for one or the more who-done-it structured Moon of the Wolf) or mysteries/thrillers, with tons of mad stalkers (A Taste of Evil), vengeance killers (The Girl Most Likely to..., with Stockard Channing on the loose and Edward Asner as the detective), more dark houses than I can list here, and the infamous Killdozer (in which an alien entity possesses a bulldozer. Yes, really). We just need to figure out how to illustrate it (maybe a detective Kermit from the Liza Minnelli ep or something juxtaposed with the usual ABC TV movie title or "Special Presentation" thing?)

    P.S. I'm sad we never got to see Thog play a possessed antique dealer.

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    • It definitely has the most detail of all the projects on the page, so I'd be in favor of making it its own page, though would we keep "Made for TV Movie" as the title?

      I'd also be in favor of moving the "Inside My Head" page to the Unfinished list; it's equally a stub.

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    • The Redbook says Juhl's working title *was* "Made-For-TV Movie" (something which also isn't as clear when it's stuck in a list like that, since many of those are untitled concepts), since it's parodying same. And yeah, the edit history shows it's been awhile since we paid attention to that page or cleaned up the Unfinished Category, so a few could probably bear with re-appraisal.

      Also, for Inside My Head, we might make a page for NBC's Experiment in Television. It would be fairly brief, but since the same anthology aired both The Cube and Youth 68 and we have to kind of cross back and forth often to acknowledge that (and don't always), it would be relevant to note this other, unfinished project for it there, and provide some general context for the series (that it was a showcase for "prestige" plays, documentaries, short films, BBC imports and similar "experimental" fare, won a Peabody, etc.) and when it was broadcast.

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