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  • This is a great page Brad created. The fact that it's kind of stuck in "Miscellaneous Lists" reminded me of something though. It's about time we created a Running Gags category, and I'm about to create one. It would be pretty straightforward, and an easy way to keep together pages like this, Muppet Explosions, Muppets eating other Muppets, Hole in the wall, pie, Walk this way., Whoopee cushions and so on. Right now, they're scattered in different categories (mostly culture, lists and references) and even I had trouble finding some of them.

    Basic definition is either a running gag within the Muppet universe (like explosions and eating) or a common gag or joke in general, but in either case used across multiple productions (or at least episodes, but I think in most cases it would be more than one show anyway). So by that standard Hare Krishna, while a running gag in The Muppet Movie, wouldn't count (or pop culture references that occur often), but Bernie would count as a running gag. Anyway, I'm about to start the page, but since right now it's hard to start forum discussions for categories, this seemed the best place to start it, if anyone has any further thoughts or suggestions. I also think the difference between a running gag and a general reference or theme is clear: Roller coasters or Ice cream don't count, since they're not really a gag or joke in themselves, but pies do because they're used most often as a running gag (i.e. pie in the face). Eyes in the dark would likely count as a visual gag (but probably not our other eye variant articles, but we can debate those as they come). Possibly including Inside Jokes, and definitely Cross-dressing characters would count in my opinion, but we can discuss some of those piece by piece. I'll just start with the major obvious ones, pages that exist specifically or primarily to chronicle a running gag or joke, and something that is fairly clearly used *as* a joke (not "Characters who say hello.")

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