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  • Sardiswall

    I forgot I had this screenshot, and looking at it, I realized it would be a neat Wiki mining effort to try to ID the caricatures. But outside of Tony Randall (fairly obvious on the far bottom right), I really can't figure anyone else out (a few look familiar, but I can't be sure). This is probably mostly for someone like Nate next time he checks in, but if anybody can help, please do.

    For referencing help, here's Wikipedia's list of people whose caricatures hang in Sardi's, but without more time to do a one by one elimination, I haven't found it that helpful.

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    • Oh, good idea -- that's perfect for us! I'm surprised we haven't attempted it yet. Or maybe not, since I don't know any of them either.

      Let me try to get a high def screenshot from the Blu-ray. Just give me some time, as screenshotting Blu-rays requires ripping the disc to the hard drive (unless someone knows a better method).

      And then, yeah, someone should ping Nate. Or David B or someone else who might be better at identifying them.

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    • Reminder that you need to click all the way through to get the full 1920x1080 versions. The lightbox will not show the highest resolution.

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    • Yay! Thanks, Scott! In fact, one down already. Thanks to pic 21, I realized that above Vincent Sardi's hair fringe, we have Angela Lansbury!

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    • Just as a side question, was that scene actually shot on location at Sardi's, or was it a movie set that duplicated it?

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    • It was the real Sardi's, the real caricature wall, and the real owner even, although no doubt they had to do some rejiggering for the Mupps (and of course, presumably they weren't serving lunch at that time).

      It seems the now out of print book Off the Wall at Sardi's (1991), in addition to including 200 plus of the caricatures, discusses other aspects *including* Muppets Take Manhattan in passing. Copies run for forty bucks or more, but that's what interlibrary loan is for!

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    • There's a copy for under 6 bucks on Amazon [1]

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    • Okay, a few more here and there: I spotted Gregory Hines in pic 19! (I wonder how many folks in the movie also had their caricatures in that scene). In Pic 4, on the lower left, it's Betty Comden and Adolph Green (and since they wrote songs used on Muppet Show, they now get a page). Lena Horne is below Angela Lansbury (notably in pic 13). Walter Matthau is in several of the wide crowd shots, recognizable by puffy cheeks (now just have to decide which pic to use). So little by little.

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    • I thought I spotted Tom Selleck, but I he's not on the list.

      Perhaps try ?

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    • FYI: if anyone's in NYC, you can pop on gloves and look at some of them in person at the library. (40 Lincoln Center Plaza)

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    • Andrew hit the ones I spotted right away, but he missed Tony Randall. I just ordered the book, so as soon as it comes I will go to town finding out who is who!

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    • Heh, first message: "But outside of Tony Randall (fairly obvious on the far bottom right)..." Just so it's clear that I know my Randalls. (He's the only one I spotted without further help or research, though; there's one in there of Jerry Stiller which once you know, okay, you can see the resemblance, but otherwise...)

      Thanks, Nate! I hoped this wouldn't be too taxing for you (ahem).

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    • The book came today. I've had zero time, but i can tell you the following already:

      In the picture named "Sardiswall," I have been able to identify the following. In order from left to right:

      Top Row

      Angela Lansbury (just a corner of her, she's identified in other shots) Unknown Unknown Christopher Plummer Unknown Charles Nelson Reilly

      Bottom Row

      Lena Horne Unknown Unknown Kermit Unknown Tony Randall

      Not much, but it is a start. I'll work on this tomorrow night and see who else we can find. The book doesn't feature as many of the caricatures as I'd hoped, but it'll be fun.

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    • Charles Nelson Reilly!! I can see it now, but probably because it's a sideview, didn't at first (and Plummer's too obscured in that shot). Thanks, Nate!

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    • I'm the co-author of "Off The Wall at Sardi's" and when I was working on the book with the late Vincent Sardi, he recalled the Muppet shoot as one of the most enjoyable and had great fun playing himself. The book is back in print and on sale at Sardi's Restaurant and their website ( if you want a copy.

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    • Wow, welcome Thomas! Great to hear about the reprint.

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    • A FANDOM user
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