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  • I noticed this video that was uploaded by YouTube which involves several different Muppet characters like Grumpy, Mario, Gorillas, Fafa and something like that in the YouTube copyright basics video showing them how copyright works. I also found some of the parts where Mario went to the YouTube headquarters and tried to take down an infringing video that Grumpy uploaded. It also includes some spoofs like bonus footage at the end before the closing to it. Mario also didn't realize that anyone on the site can comment, remix and/or criticize on videos with the fair use used on the site, but he wanted to actually use the takedown notice to remove their videos. He now thought the copyright basics video would be a good thing. The links are also informed by the two Muppets "Mario" and "Fafa" after the description was filled in by YouTube. Also, I don't even know who made those puppets for sure. If I actually find it, maybe it could be identified as regular or to the Muppet universe and I've forgotten their names were Mario and Fafa instructing in the video.

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    • Those aren't Muppet characters.

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    • I'm not sure who made the puppets, but the video of them was uploaded by the official YouTube help account. Do you know who made the puppets and it's franchise. I also saw them on facebook as well.

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    • A FANDOM user
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