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  • Singer Christina Milian was on the guest list for a bit. I've done some digging and I'm taking I out, but I wanted to explain why. First Enrique took it out because she's not in the presskit for the season, but here are some even better reasons. The sole source was a tweet dated June 16, 3013 here. Here's all the tweet says: "Violet for do excited when she saw Elmo :) s/o taylorcutfilms on taking this pic for us #SesameStreet"

    Not a very clear or coherent source, but the instagram pic is proof that she and her daughter met and hung out with the Muppets (and she credits a company that does mostly music videos and commercials for the pic). I'm not sure this was for an actual project at all, but it could be for a resource video. The only other place to really discuss it is this article which again only says that they met the Sesame Muppets, not that she's a guest. If she is, it can't be for season 44, since that wrapped in December 2012, and by June, I really doubt that any last minute content was being prepared. So again it could be a resource video, or online content, or season 45. There's the very unlikely event that they plan to swap out already solidified inserts for, say, a celebrity montage (the only real instance recently where Sesame Workshop has omitted celebs from their presskit, and only sometimes), but basically it's like the time we had Kevin James listed as a Sesame guest star when it turns out it was for Elmo's Christmas Countdown. There's definitely no solid connection between the pictures and season 44, and I think the wrap date for the season is pretty solid evidence against. So I'm just parking it here, for when/if anything actually does surface, assuming this isn't just a celebrity hanging out, as happens, or that she made arrangements to take her daughter to the studio (as also has happened, Amy Carter is but one example) but didn't appear herself.

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    • The street stories, various inserts and in-studio celeb. appearances were the only things taped during the September-December session; the spoofs/WOTS bits where filmed in the spring. Early June is when they started taping the celebrity Word of the Day bits in LA, so the date of the image doesn't falsify it.

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    • Oh, so it could still be Season 44? Hmmm. Do we re-add it or not? Right now, we don't have anything at all to connect it to the season, we're just assuming, and I admit I'd sort of rather err on the side of omission than leaping to inclusion as we've done before (although it's less messy than if we created a page for her first stating it as fact, as has happened before, and easier to correct one way or the other as soon as we know for sure). But I'm also feeling absolutely horrible today, so I'll go with whatever people think, but the Twitter is pretty darn vague (I admit this is one of those times I wish people would use clear and direct sentences on Twitter; it says her daughter was excited to meet Elmo, and the pic shows they did, and anything else right now is a guess from us). We know she had a picture taken with the Sesame Muppets but not for what, whether it's for something that will air or another project or just a promotional or personal pic (especially since she notes this outside company taking the pictures, which raises questions). But I'll go with whatever everyone else thinks.

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    • I don't know how to include it, because while the picture's in the same studio they taped the bits in and has the Muppets who'll be in them, Milian isn't mentioned in the press release at all, nor is she found in the Word on the Street section, which pictures all the sketches. Maybe it was taped for a holdover episode for season 45 (Sarah Michelle Geller and Charlize Theron's bits were taped during season 43's LA session; they were mentioned in the early press statement about the season because of it. Their accompanying episodes also seem to be taped previously, as evidence by Jerry's appearance in one and a Sesame Family Robinson blog post about the other dating to mid-2012 before the September taping session.)

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