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  • It probably bugs you that I ask a lot of questions, but I really want to find out where the Perry Como version of this sketch is. Is it available for viewing? Is it on the internet?

    P.S. I noticed that the Ed Sullivan Show version had a scene edited out of the DVD release. What scene was it?

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    • A lot of Muppet appearances on variety shows, obscure specials, and so on don't circulate, as in never available on home video, not on YouTube, and if any fan or collector owns them, they keep it private. In cases like this, you're usually best off first asking the user who uploaded the screengrabs (which you can find by checking the file history, like [1].

      In some cases they got it from now vanished YouTube videos or private trades or whatever, or pics on another website, and the user may not always even be active anymore, but it's a suggestion, as long as you don't overdo it (which I don't think you have so far, but users who constantly go "I want pics and an episode guide and a video of such and such and such Sesame episode NOW" are an annoyance and some have even been blocked when it becomes harassment). Polite curiosity is a different matter, and so far I think you're handling it fairly well.

      In many cases, the episodes are available for viewing without circulating, via university collections, museums, and so on (University of Maryland has a ton of Henson material which can even be viewed on-site via a special database, but not anywhere else; there's UCLA, and many others). The majority of such examples tend to come from The Paley Center for Media (we've often noted what they hold, at least for major pilots or Sesame episodes and such, but sometimes for variety show spots or commercials, we forget). Again, their holdings are only accessible at their actual museums in either New York or Los Angeles... *but*, and I've found this a great resource just to find out what survives and also for credits and such, you can now search their holdings, just as you would with any library catalogue. You can do so here (often involves some experimentation with key words, exact quotes, and so on). In some cases, the clip was included as part of a larger Muppet event and compilation, so you may only find it that way (I can't find anything for Kraft Music Hall for that date when searching for the show, for example, but it may be in a compilation).

      And I have no idea what the edits for the Sullivan home video releases were.

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    • Thank you for the information.

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