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  • I'm not a fan of our current title for this article. It's an unofficial name and is somewhat vague (when I first saw it in the "Pilots and Pitches" category I had to click on the article to even remember what it was about... "2007 Muppets presentation pilot" or "Muppet mockumentary presentation pilot" would be a little better). Plus this pitch tape wasn't even produced in 2007... it was filmed in 2006. I think moving this to "Muppet mockumentary pitch tape" or something like that would be better... or perhaps we just merge it into Minor Unfinished Projects. Thoughts?

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    • Yeah, that's an interesting question. It looks like the first anonymous source who created the page named it, and we just left it as it was.

      I agree that it would be helpful to put "Muppet" or "Muppets" in the article title. I don't think it should be merged; it's a good, interesting page on its own.

      The way I read the article, it sounds like the footage was filmed in December 2006, to be finished/shown in early 2007.

      I'd suggest "Muppets 2007 Presentation Pilot". It keeps the wording from the original source, and adds Muppets to make it easier for people to find when they're browsing.

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    • I guess Brad and I were the only ones who cared about this. I changed the title to "Muppets 2007 Presentation Pilot". :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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