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  • Hi, it looks as though you didn't see Andrew's edit summaries, which distinctly explain why Mordecai Sledge and Lardpork do not belong in the Muppets Characters category. If you disagree, we can discuss on this thread, but do keep in mind that if an admin reverts your edit, especially when a reason is given in their edit summary, it's best not to change it back. Thanks!

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    • Hear me out.

      The reason I put those categories back is because Caleb and Mean Floyd currently have the "The Muppets characters" category on them, so the other two need to have them to keep it even.

      Also, the "The Muppets" universe doesn't exactly start with "The Muppet Show". The "Tales from Muppetland" specials (Bremen, Frog Prince and Hey Cinderella) are all part of that universe, along with the two Muppet Show pilots. Besides, Disney owns the rights to Bremen, Frog Prince and Hey Cinderella now anyway, so it's safe to include Tales from Muppetland characters (even ones that did not appear on The Muppet Show) as part of the "The Muppets" universe and heirarchy. Again, doing that keeps things even and proper.

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    • You're the one who added them to Caleb Siles and Mean Floyd (Mean Floyd was already removed, and I'd meant to undo on Caleb but seem to have missed it).

      For the larger issue though, please actually read the talk page. We define categories with careful definitions precisely for that reason (we tried not to do so based solely on sales ownership either, but more on whether the characters were used again from The Muppet Show on ward). You're definitely encouraged to start up a discussion on the category definition on the talk page or in the forums. You can copy your explanation, or expand on it, and we can see if there's community consensus to change the guidelines. But please do not undo explained edits again or change those categories until there *is* a consensus. Thanks!

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