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  • Album.campingincanada

    Danny set up [[Sandbox:Camping in Canada|this sandbox page]] five years ago to combine all the individual one-time-only story/song tracks from this album onto a single page instead of having a whole bunch of short individual articles.

    I think it's much easier to follow the story and makes for a more interesting article — less clicking back and forth; less repetition of the same album cover over and over; and you can read the full plot from beginning to end, in order, in one place.

    What are people's thoughts on merging the "Camping in Canada" songs and story into one page for the story/concept album rather than spreading the content out over 24 individual pages?

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    • I think it makes sense to have the album page laid out like an episode guide because of the concept of the album. But, just like how the episode pages link to song articles with composer info, etc, I think we should still have the song pages.

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    • I think the overall plot/story should be covered in the album page (not broken up over 23 individual song pages). The album (although comprised of 23 songs) is a single piece of work and should be covered as such. It makes the album page more interesting and gives the article more value, in my opinion.

      I think if there is something unique to say about an individual song (besides just "XXX is a song from XXX it was written by so-and-so") then we should have an individual page for it. But, just like the songs from Miss Piggy's Aerobique Exercise Workout Album, if all the individual song page would do is repeat information that's on the album page, then what's the point?

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    • My worry is that it becomes a slippery slope. Why have song pages at all if they can be covered in the episode?

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    • Does Aerobique have a continuous plot? (Forgive my ignorance.)

      How many Muppet albums have original songs with a constant narrative? (as opposed to songs that appeared on screen, or were created for other productions entirely)

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    • A FANDOM user
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