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  • The name of this article -- Baby Bear (The Muppet Show) -- is based on the fact that the character appears in a sketch as the youngest of a group dubbed "The Three Bears". It's probably the best naming convention we have for it, so I'm okay with it until we find something better.

    The contents of the article are somewhat lacking, however. He definitely appears in the Marty Feldman episode (in the sketch described above), and the page says he also appears in episode 520. I just skimmed through it and didn't see him, but I'll go thorough it a bit more carefully.

    I know I've seen the puppet show up elsewhere, but we don't even have anything linking to it from WhatLinksHere. Does anyone know where else he's shown up?

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    • In regards to the Wally Boag episode, he's in the audience when they pull Pops up for the Dr. Salamander act. Otherwise, I can't think of any time when the puppet was used.

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    • Audience TMS520

      Oh yeah, look at that -- he's even in the same little gangster outfit. Thanks!

      Nice, unique angle of the Theatre house, too.

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    • I think I saw him in The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years

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    • A FANDOM user
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