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  • Hi! For the record, Muppet Meeting Films are completely separate from The Muppet Show (the only connections are the prototype appearances of several characters, and Kermit's later cameos). So characters in them are like Category:Commercials Characters. Disney does not own the meeting films.

    P. Fenton Cosgrove was reworked to become Waldorf, so Waldorf belongs, but not the prototype who never appeared on The Muppet Show. Similarly, Big Head never interacted with The Muppet Show universe and the puppet is now actually being used on Sesame Street. In a few cases, if the exact same puppet made an unnamed appearance in a The Muppets-relevant show (like Shirley on Muppets Tonight), they can be categorized. Otherwise, please leave them alone. Or else, if you really think they belong, start a discussion first (especially when it comes to Coffee Guy and the like).

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    • Actually, the Muppet Meeting Films are among the Identified Entertainment Properties in the Disney-Henson deal. The films do appear to be Disney soil, atleast from what I can tell, however many characters like Smilin' Ed and Kent either appeared once or only in the Meeting Films, so they have little relevance and wouldn't qualify for the Muppets Characters category. Ditto on P. Fenton Cosgrove.

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    • I didn't know or forgot that so thanks for the correction, Jonathan. (I was probably confused because the licensing of the films to corporations is handled differently). In that case Big Head could be debatable, but I stand by the rest (and Helpless, Heartless and Rich was just a throwaway reference, and these days probably wouldn't even get its own page; mass migration of every Muppet Meeting Films entry regardless of content or relevance was what was bothering me.)

      We should probably open that discussion on what belongs in Muppet Characters or "The Muppets Characters" soon, though. As I've mentioned, I'm dubious about a lot of the Category:Caricature Muppets which were explicit caricatures created either as gifts or just for that guest star's episode, and which for obvious legal as well as logical reasons can't be reused. I took out a couple like Andy Williams Muppets, and Tim Curry Muppet was never in a Muppet production (just one video extra with Tim Curry by himself), but it would be good to get a wider opinion on that.

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    • All of the Muppet Meeting Films characters deserve to be categorized as "The Muppets Characters", due to Disney owning the rights to them and to the Meeting Films themselves.

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