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  • I've tried some ways to get Thomas Blood into the list of characters in Muppets Most Wanted. Since Muppets From Space lists characters who appear in photographs, I thought that would work. What do you guys think will work? An illustrated character section? I need your help.

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    • If I can understand the point behind the reversion, I think it's because in the case of MFS, the "photographed characters" are actually characters that exist in the Muppet world outside of the images. Thomas Blood is shown in a painting and nothing more; he's not a character in that sense.

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    • So not even an illustrated character section would work?

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    • Only problem is if we started that, we have lots of prop pages like Schoolroom Busts, unseen characters or voice only like Dirty Bird, and so on. Thomas Blood is not an actual Muppet character (as in, being a Muppet puppet) and we save "Illustrated Characters" for just that, characters in books or comics. Many locations, props, unseen characters, etc. aren't listed on the movie or episode's page.

      If they're important enough to be worked into the summary, that's where they belong. As I keep saying, rewriting the synopsis (which right now is a short cut and paste) is the best way to mention it (i.e. "Constantine and Dominic are, in reality, tracking down the different clues and maps left behind by Col. Thomas Blood, to provide the secret to stealing the crown jewels from the Tower of London," or something less clunky, while expanding coverage of the plot in general).

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    • Could you change the summery then? I don't wanna screw up what's already there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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