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  • Glad you could join the Wiki. It's really nice to hear from another LC (Little Chrissy) lover.

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    • thanks

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    • what is going on with Welcome! (song)

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    • I dunno. Well, anyway, I thought I ask you a few questions:

      1. How long have you been a Little Chrissy fan?

      2. What other groups do you like besides LC's band?

      and 3. What are your favorite songs done by LC?

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    • 1.Since I was 3.

      2.Little Jerry and the Monetones,The Beetles,etc.

      3.Count it Higher,Opposite of What I Do,Exit,and Gonna Rock you to Sleep.

      Talk with me anytime you please.

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    • Cool! Well me:

      1. I was into them since I was around when I was little, too

      2. I also like Little Jerry and the Monotones, The Beetles, and How Now Brown and the Moo Wave

      3. My favorite songs done by LC were Count it Higher, The Opposite Song, You're Alive, Rock and Roll Readers, Cluck Around the Clock, Gonna Rock You to Sleep, and Wet or Dry.

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    • All those answers are good.Now answer these questions: 1.gimme your 10 fav sesame songs. 2.give me your 5 favorite sesame videos. And 3.Give me your 5 favorite characters.

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    • Okay. Hmm...

      1. My 10 favorite Sesame Songs are: 1) Telephone Rock, 2) Do De Rubber Duck, 3) Wet Paint, 4) Danger's No Stranger, 5) Put Down the Duckie, 6) Honk Around the Clock, 7) Mary Had a Bicycle, 8) One Banana, 9) Little Miss Count Along, and 10) Don't Give Up (with Bruno Mars <3)

      2. My 5 favorite Sesame Videos are: 1) Count It Higher: Great Music Videos From Sesame Street, 2) Rock & Roll! 3) Learning About Numbers, 4) The Alphabet Game, and 5) Sing Yourself Silly!

      And 3. My 5 fave characters are: 1) Big Bird, 2) Elmo, 3) Cookie Monster, 4) Abby Cadabby, and 5) Count von Count

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    • A FANDOM user
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