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  • 1. Did Angel Marie appear on Muppets Tonight?

    2. When was Aretha's name mentioned?

    3. Does anyone have evidence of Calico's name being mentioned?

    4. Did any characters from The Jim Henson Hour appear in The Muppet Christmas Carol?

    5. Did any characters from Sesame Street appear on Mopatop's Shop?

    6. What if Flower-Eating Monster was used in an early Sesame Street sketch?

    7. Did any Frackles appear in A Muppet Family Christmas?

    8. Why did Mad Monty not appear on Muppets Tonight?

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    • Sorry to bump this comment from 4 years ago, but I can give you my best guesses on all the questions

      1: Dunno, I don't watch "Muppets Tonight" often.

      2: Perhaps a name the crew of "fraggle Rock" made up.

      3: The CD-ROM game "Muppet Treasure Island".

      4: I remember seeing some of the first half of "Muppet Christmas Carol", & I can't think that there would any "Jim Henson Hour" characters in that special, I'm less into Muppet movies/specials

      5: Dunno. It says that characters recycled from "Fraggle Rock" & "The Muppets", there aren't a lot of pages for most customers in the shop on that show, so if only someone who posts "Mopatop's Shop" images (such as Rytter) knew something about this. However, the character Butch (the tiger) who has appeared on both SS & The Muppets, he was still on SS at the time he was still with The Muppets, he appeared as Ms. Tiger in the puppet's appearance on "Mopatop's Shop".

      6: I agree, it would've been kinda cool! I think he would appear around 1973 to 1977 on "Sesame Street".

      7: The character lists of the characters in that special, & I've watched most of the special a few times.

      8: HMMM, dunno! I feel some sort of reason in my head, but no explaination.

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