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  • Right now we have the full credits transcribed for the premiere episode of The Muppets.

    We usually don't go into that level of detail with listing credits here (we don't track grips, transportation coordinators, accountants, etc.). Should we trim the list back? To what level should we be tracking the individual production credits for each episode of the new show?

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    • I'm not sure. I raised the same questions when I added them. Usually, a TV show is pretty consistent with its credits throughout a season, but I'm interested to see if they change at all from episode to episode. So, I figure we can either keep the list at the main article and add any newcomers on as the come, or do all the credits for each episode, and then at the end of the season, merge them all together. Whichever's best.

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    • I agree there could be useful information to be gleaned from the credits.

      What about just a separate page for tracking the more detailed credits of each episode of the season to use as a wiki resource (or for those just interesting reading the finer production details)? But I think we should keep the episode pages trimmed down to just the more major episode credits.

      Right now two-thirds of the article is a list of names that most readers won't really be interested in. We don't do that on the episode pages for The Muppet Show or other shows.

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    • Yeah, that works.

      I also think we should trim the guests in the infobox. Nilla Watkins as Kim and Layla Alizada as Betty are more likely recurring characters rather than "guest stars" in the way Elizabeth Banks is. Maybe we reserve that spot for celebrities playing themselves.

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    • I agree... there's a difference between a "celebrity guest" and a "guest actor." I don't think we need to list every human in the info box... we should just stick to the celebrities up there.

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    • I did some clean up of the credits on the episode page and expanded The Muppets (2015) episode credits. We can track all the full episode-to-episode credits there and then at the end of the season we can cross-reference them all and make a call on how to best handle the info.

      Also, I just noticed that Anderson, Alizada and Watkins aren't credited as "guest stars"... they're listed as "co-stars," so I adjusted their billing and removed them from the info box.

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    • Why are the additional Muppet performers not credited on-screen for the first episode?  That is disconcerting, and I hope that changes for the next episode. Since no one was credited on-screen for performing Yolanda, are we assuming Julianne Buescher performed her as well? Or could it be Alice Dinnean?

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    • I'm just as disappointed at the lack of performer credit. Hopefully we'll find out soon.

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