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  • Looking at our list of naked Muppets (a list started almost a decade ago in the early days of the wiki)... right now it's incomplete (as it probably always will be to some extent) but I'm not sure what direction to take it.

    Obviously there are lots of Muppets that don't wear clothes -- the entire cast of The Animal Show, for example. And practically every fish, bird, Monster, and woodland critter. Most of the characters on Fraggle Rock don't wear pants. Is there really a point to be made by listing all the puppets on the wiki that don't wear clothes? I could flood the list with 100+ more names of puppets without pants, but what real value would that list of names have? Also there are some generic animal or monster puppets that sometimes wear clothing and sometimes don't depending on the scene or production. Without more context, a big list of names is pretty meaningless.

    I think there is more value in an article that focuses on nudity in Muppet productions, not just on characters that lack clothing.

    For example: Elmo referencing the fact that he's not wearing pants, or Sam Eagle realizing he is "exposed" is an interesting note. Simply stating that Arnie the Alligator, Foo-Foo and 500 other Muppet animals don't wear pants isn't that interesting (especially since they're animals and you wouldn't expect them to wear pants).

    I think we should re-focus the list and the article to the following:

    • Human characters that are unclothed.
    • Instances where non-human characters that normally wear clothes (such as Miss Piggy or Gonzo) are unclothed.
    • Characters that mention or allude to the fact that they aren't wearing clothes (such as Sam Eagle's editorial on nudity, or Kermit referencing the fact that he's not wearing pants, or Fozzie being embarrassed about being caught unclothed because he lost his hat and tie).
    • References to nudity (such as Janice's comments in The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Manhattan).

    It might also be worth noting major characters that switch between wearing and not wearing clothes: such as Rizzo gaining clothes after The Muppet Show, or characters like Herry Monster and Baby Bear gaining pants for books or merchandise and walk-arounds.

    But I'm just not sure what the value is of simply listing all the unclothed monsters, birds, and dogs.


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    • I think that's a much better approach. It's a tad annoying having to monitor that page so characters like the Muppaphones or the Javas aren't added for being "naked."

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    • Yeah, this kind of got out of hand in the last few months, and I've been meaning to bring it up, so I'm glad you did. I support a more structured version of the article.

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    • I did a first pass of cleaning it up... I basically removed the context-less laundry list of names and kept only characters that we have some kind of explanations or interesting notes on their nakedness.

      Having the name "Screaming Thing" listed alongside 100 other Muppets under the heading "Naked Muppets" simply because he doesn't wear clothes is a pretty pointless statement unless we have something more to say about his lack of clothing.

      It still needs work and I'm sure there's a lot of other examples and interesting explanations that can be made about characters being unclothed - I know Kermit's made a bunch of references in interviews about not wearing pants and so forth.

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    • A definite improvement!

      How do you feel about instances where the character's clothes are stolen, but aren't completely naked, instead shown wearing undershirts and boxers and the like?

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    • I think if there is a sense of the character being "exposed" as a result, it is definitely worth an honorable mention.

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    • Agreed. The 'being exposed' theme is consistent with the joke of nakedness.

      I can't think of a Muppet one right now, but the closest that comes immediately to mind is when Donald Duck had his shirt stripped away and suddenly became aware of being naked despite the fact that he never wears pants.

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    • Ernie in Rosie?

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    • A FANDOM user
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