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  • So, there's a couple of things I've been meaning to bring up that have resulted in the HBO deal that we should note on the pages:

    1. All the episodes from seasons 41 to now are airing on HBO and are availible on demand. We should note on all those episodes "HBO" for syndication. But should we also add HBO GO and Now? Or just say something like: "HBO (and streaming)"?
    1. Virtually every SS clip has been removed from Hulu, and some more non-HBO episodes are availible for watch there. Additionally, the SS episodes on Netflix are gone. As such, we need to remove "Hulu" from releases on any song/segment that has them (unless we want to archive what Hulu had) and remove the Netflix collections from any "Releases" on certain episodes.
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    • 1. I think we can just say HBO. We're at a point in which TV is being distributed in more ways than just a cable prescription. Just as it wouldn't have made sense to list all the local affiliates airing episodes back in the days, we'd just say that it aired on PBS.

      2. I've noticed the Hulu videos going missing as well. I think we can nuke all of those using WhatLinksHere. That feature will no longer work once we take the links out, so I archived a list at Template_talk:Hulu.

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    • re: Hulu, I blanked out the template so those links don't show up here now. I think it's unlikely, but in case those links come back, we could potentially leave the templates in place and quickly restore the links at that time. Just a thought.

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    • I'd say note that they used to be there, but not anymore. Then again, we would have to look for more official uploads that are no longer availible.

      Also, why does the second point say "1." instead of "2"?

      As for the first point, Scarecroe's option is the obvious answer since HBO is not just a TV channel anymore. Actually, plenty of American TV channels have branched off to digital media.

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