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  • Hi, I have a mystery on Sesamstrasse (magazine) -- I've been finding different covers that have the same issue numbers. So far I've found two issues each labeled #3, 4, 7 and 11. They all look like they're from roughly the same time. Do you know why that's happening?

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    • Do you have more informatio and maybe fotos? Maybe the year is different, or do they have the same inside but just different covers?

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    • Unfortunately, all I have are pictures of the covers, which I found on Ebay.

      In the gallery on Sesamstrasse (magazine)#Regular Issues, I put the issue numbers that I can see in the pictures. The first issue in the gallery says Nr 1/2, and then there are two issues marked Nr 3, Nr 4, Nr 7 and Nr 11.

      They all look like they come from around the same time -- maybe 1973 to 1975. Maybe they numbered the first two years by the month? That is -- 1973-3, 1973-4, 1973-5 and then 1974-3, 1974-4, 1974-5?

      I might have to buy a few of these to figure this out. :)

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    • ah yeas i think they did. They also did that in Holland the first issues :)

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    • Yeah, I'm doing some more searches, and finding things like 1974/3 ... This looks like a fun long-term research project.

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