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  • It's awesome that you found Hej, to ja! Beata and Hej, to ja! Bazyli -- it's so hard to find merchandise with those characters, hooray!

    I don't think we should have pages on each of the translated books in that series, though -- Hej, to ja! Florek etc. Usually we just put translations on the original book's page, and not make a separate page for each one.

    I think in this case we should do a page for the series -- the translated ones as well as the Beata and Bazyli ones -- to show that Egmont took the US series and added two more books. But I don't think we should have a page for each of the translations. What do you think?

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    • I doubted that too really. But maybe a combined page for the USA translated version. They all where translated by the writer of the Beata books. It is kind of a matter of picking it up really. I have loads more stuff on the shelves that i want to add all in time when i am able to get to the stuff again. For the moment im in between rebuilding the room i have it. I have lots of vila sesamo and books etc from other shows etc.

      ps i also found sesame street live cd's by searching spanish as that seems the second language in use ;) Can you make the combination pages. My english and uniform transcript isnt that good ;)

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    • Yeah, I'll make the combination page. I love seeing all the international stuff you've been adding -- you inspired me to start looking up German and Dutch Sesame books again. :) I'd love to see the Vila Sesamo books, very cool!

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    • Ha, nice.

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    • A FANDOM user
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