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  • Mostly just another cleanup task. I'm starting Category:Sesamstrasse Guest Stars in a moment, since there;s plenty of pages already (and more to come, in large part thanks to this fan page which Shane pointed out.

    Right now, some are in Category:International Celebrities and some in Category:Sesamstrasse Actors. The latter I think should be treated like Category:Sesame Street Cast, for regulars or actors from recurring segments only. Right now, Kermit Love and Jon Stone are in as actors for a single appearance as themselves in an anniversary episode. Those who are international celebrities can stay in that category as well (a few weren't, just crew or child actors and such who made one or two visits).

    That's all fairly simple. What I'm not sure about is handling Eine Möhre für Zwei. So far, it's had three human regulars (one of whom, Julia Stinshoff, also appeared on Sesamstrasse so that's fine). Handling guest stars from stuff like the Ernie and Bert short segments is easy since all of those later aired on Sesamstrasse, but Eine is its own show. It's also had two TV movies/specials with additional guest actors. We have a handful of guest actors (who were never on Sesamstrasse) with pages, and redlinks or info (from NDR usually) for a bunch more. So should we start a category for that too, lump together, or hold off? (Right now, they can just stay in international celebrities while we decide, no real organizational issues there).

    But I wanted to state it here before someone else decided to migrate, say.

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    • What if there were an "Eine...Actors" category that just covers all human actors from any episode/movie. I know that's what you're trying to rectify with the Sesamstrasse category, but I think it can work for this show (I don't see us going in-depth with it as we do Sesame Street, so lumping them all together doesn't seem like people would notice).

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    • Given it's a more limited show, it makes more sense. With Sesamstrasse, we're sorting out decades of guests, a huge list of regulars (several are still redlinked but I'm info and image gathering on them), I keep finding more info and footage on the filmed insert casts, and then stuff like the Muppet-related cameos. So that's a different animal. But I like the idea for "Eine" to be actors period.

      I also tagged Julian on his wall, if he has time to weigh in.

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    • It's great that you're tackling that mess! :) As for the Möhre guests, I'd recommend lumping them together with the Sesamstrasse ones for now, as I've been told by the NDR folks on numerous occasions that they see both shows as one big production. And if they do, why split them up? The guests usually talk about having done Sesame as well, BTW!

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