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  • This may have been mentioned earlier, but I question how many episodes of "Little Muppet Monsters" were ordered. 18 seems to be based more on loose memories from Scott Shaw!, especially since (a) we only have titles for 13 episodes, and (b) 13 is typically the standard amount ordered for a season. I would suggest saying, "at least 13 episodes were produced (or ordered)." Thoughts?

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    • I've often wondered about that. When the episode list was first posted here, I questioned it, since I think it was sourced from a TV website and at the time, we only had access to one episode title. Then we had access to the other two broadcast episodes and those titles were correct, and the titles of all the unaired episodes that have surfaced do match titles in that list, so maybe those without known titles are correct (unless the guide those titles come from only listed 13 titles and the additional unknown titles were done based on hearing there were 18). Scott Shaw! said that there were 18, but he also said that there were only two broadcast episodes, which we know is off by one. 

      I've looked at the Muppet Babies episode category and saw that the second season has only 13 episodes. Considering the show aired back-to-back as Muppets, Babies, and Monsters, I have a feeling they would have given both shows the same number of episodes that season. 

      Finally, in the interview with Kathy Mullen at Toughpigs, she said that they shot 13 live-action segments. I assume she meant the live-action parts for 13 episodes as opposed to literally 13 indivdual segments. Of course she could have been misremembering (she said that she used an alternate name for her writing credit, but the credits actually do list Kathy Mullen under writers).

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