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  • Scarecroe
    Scarecroe closed this thread because:
    01:57, August 5, 2017

    The new Muppet Thought of the Week will likely be the first time most of us get a glimpse at Matt's Kermit, true. But he also made an appearance as Kermit at Disney Grand Central Creative Campus some time this Summer (June, I believe). I think it ought to at least be added as a side note. Granted, the Thought of the Week (and possibly other Kermit content) was likely produced beforehand.

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    • We don't really have exact info on this appearance. We don't have a date or description of the event.

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    • If there's verifiable information out there beyond a grainy pic of Matt at an employee event and "maybe it was June, but who knows?"... it would be worth covering.

      Otherwise, it's not the kind of thing we would cover. Feel free to dig around, though, and see what you can find. Again, verifiable sources only. YouTube comments and MuppetCentral forum posts don't count.

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    • I bet the reason the new Muppet thought of the week hasn't been posted yet is because of the backlash/controversy Disney and Muppets Studios has gotten from firing Steve Whitmire. Isn't that right?

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    • Let's keep this on topic, please.

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    • I'm doing the best I can.

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