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  • Jbrangwynne53
    Jbrangwynne53 closed this thread because:
    garnering speculative responses
    16:48, March 10, 2018

    In the Season 48 (2017-2018) premiere last month, Caroll didn't dub the voices for Big Bird and Oscar like he did for all of the Season 46 (2016) and Season 47 (2017) episodes. And in this upcoming episode, it sounds like he's done permanently: Do you guys think we should update his page and Big Bird and Oscar's pages to now say that Matt and Eric are now the official performers? Also, I think we should take Caroll Spinney character transitions out of the sandbox to show readers all the times Matt and Eric have performed Big Bird and Oscar before they became the official performers.

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    • I'm not sure how the clip you link to means he's "done permanently."

      He's still receiving credit, so it may be he's fully stepped out or that he took a break for that season. But I'd feel if we say it's "official," it makes more sense to base it *on* an official source (puppeteers, Sesame Workshop) confirming it. We don't have to rush into changing these pages.

      Taking a page out of sandbox now is unrelated. It's usually up to the person who started the page, when they feel it's ready and know which categories to put it in. But since you've made many edits to the page, if you know where it should go, feel free to move it yourself.

      Right now, there's only one update that can be made with accuracy: that Spinney receives credit for season 48 but hasn't voiced his characters in aired episodes. Beyond that without a source, we're assuming.

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    • I think the reason Caroll is still credited is because, they'll repeat old sketches with Big Bird and Oscar in them. So is it okay if I take the character transitions page out of the sandbox now? I'll wait on updating the other pages until we know for sure.

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    • Like I said, taking a page out of sandbox is up to those editing it. As long as you include it in the actual categories, go ahead.

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    • Wonder what Carroll Spinney is doing now if he's not gonna lend his voices to Big Bird or Oscar? 

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    • Bigpurplemuppet99 wrote: Wonder what Carroll Spinney is doing now if he's not gonna lend his voices to Big Bird or Oscar? 

      Judging from this video, he's living the quiet retired life:

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    • I'll say on my end that I was careful about the wording on the Season 48 page. We don't know the exact situation, so stating what we know for sure, that Vogel and Jacobson are handling voice duties this season, in an impartial manner and without jumping to any conclusions is the most appropriate action.

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    • Jim Henson was also credited years after he passed away. I think, Spinney isn´t the official Performer anymore.

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    • Spinney voiced Big Bird and Oscar on an IBM commercial that aired just over a month ago. He's not voicing them on a regular basis, but still receives credit as their original performer. There's no other confirmation on the subject, and it's not fruitful to continue to speculate, so this thread is closed.

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