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  • I'm going to start plugging in episode segment listings for Sesame Park, but the official information I have from the CBC Archives varies between things like "Season 4 Episode 33 (Sesame Park)", "Episode #9020", and "Season 1: Script Show #53 / Telecast Show #27".

    There were only a few hundred episodes, making 9020 a code, but the episode is from season 4. It must be taking the pre-co-production era into account?

    First airings are perhaps more solid, but is that odd for an article title?

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    • I'd say at the very least, maybe a by-season thing - i.e. "Episode 403: Basil Does Such and Such."

      Looking at your demo page, do they all have those segment branding codes? That could be very useful for the American material.

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    • I guess that the first segment of each episode dubbed "Canadian puppets" in the listing does have a title, so maybe just that? I don't think they repeated, as opposed to the later Canadian Muppet scenes.

      I think it might be of use? I'm interpreting the American numbers to be coded as ##-####, as those codes only appear with the American segments, and the Canadian segments are ##(Letter)##.

      "Kermit Draws a Square" (EKA season 12 of Sesame Street), is "(07-0118)(96X64)". Muppet Wiki's EKA on the triangle magic finger segment is season 7, so "07-" does seem viable.

      Demo page: User:Zanimum/Sesame Park parking

      Edit: Added link to Kermit sketch.

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    • Yes, for the American segments, the first two digits refer to the season, and I'm assuming the next three refer their place on the production schedule or on the reel. So, those can help tremendously in helping us place EKAs (or firsts if we know it appears early enough in the season).

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