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  • Hey, thanks for helping to clean up some of the stuff in Category:Sandbox. You probably noticed me nuking some really old stuff in there yesterday. We had upwards of 130 or so sandbox pages up until recently, so I figured it was time we started going through them. 👍

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    • I realized there were a lot of experiments that I started and subsequently forgot about that were just sitting in there collecting dust.

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    • A couple I wasn't sure what to do with: Sandbox:Sesame Street Cast and Sandbox:Sesame Street writers.

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    • Yeah, those two (along with Sandbox:Muppeteers) were my attempts to play around with timelines (things other wikis with more limited scopes have done somewhat well to show the evolution of cast/crews over time). But I'm not sure if they're worth the upkeep or if they're even best for showing 50+ years of data in a meaningful way (nor is the start/stop dates of individuals always as clear cut and simple). Sometimes complex information just can't be boiled down so simply. They were fun experiments but I'm not sure if there's value in keeping them. I think something like Sandbox:First and last performances may be a better approach to capturing that idea.

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    • There's some interesting code in there that might be useful someday, but you're probably right. I'm going to delete them for now and list them on your userpage (sans redlinks) in case we need to undelete them at some point.

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    • Sounds good.

      Not sure if there's any value to keeping Sandbox:The Muppets (2015) writers and directors and Sandbox:The Muppets episodes that didn't feature main characters and moving them out of the sandbox. They were created while the show was still running to track credits week-to-week, but now they seem kind of unnecessary given the limited run of the show.

      Also Sandbox:Old category portals may be better suited in the Muppet Wiki Archives than in the sandbox (if kept at all).

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    • Cool, I deleted the old portal stuff.

      The M15 lists can be nuked, but someone should make sure the info is on each individual episode page before we lose it. I'll try to take a look at it a bit later today.

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