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  • Hi! It's standard Wiki policy to use citations where applicable, and to show sources for information added to the Wiki so it can be verified for other users. In this edit for example, where are the segments you added sourced from? Is it from a YouTube upload of the episode? Communication is also an important part of working here, so please reply so I know you've read this. Thanks!

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    • I've seen these rare episodes and I have a fresh memory of what segments appeared in those episodes, so please post the sources with the segments I just added. Also, Dienton, the Multimonstruo with horns and teeth appeared in "10 Monsters Said", not Abelardo Montoya. I've seen the YouTube video for "Take A Turn" and Cookie Monster did eat the kaleidoscope. The song is about taking turns. Rosita mentioned in Episode 3888 that she was gonna play with Telly but he had to attend a Tuba Lovers Convention. The full Episode 3888 was uploaded on YouTube by Any Del. Segments for "Monster Time": Episode 4002- Monsterpiece Theater: Guys and Dolls & 4014- Furry Happy Monsters. Elmo's World: Fish appeared in Episode 4014. Please cite the sources for me. Thank you.

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    • Authentic video evidence, through YouTube or other means, is an applicable source, but memories are not; unless a considerable consensus can be reached or if it's confirmed by the former. If there's no video available, there's no need to note it. Read more about sourcing here. Thanks.

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