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  • Link Hogthrob's infobox says "Steve Whitmire (2000-2016)". However, as far as I can tell, Link's only appearances that year were a background cameo in the TV series, and the web videos, which were filmed in 2015. So shouldn't it say "Steve Whitmire (2000-2015)"? Or am I forgetting something?

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    • "Episode 116: Because... Love" was 2016. Did he speak in that?

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    • Oh wait, he's in the Pigs in Space (online series) from 2016. Yeah, they were filmed before then, but The Muppet Movie was filmed before 1979, too. We count the year the thing came out.

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    • Scarecroe wrote: We count the year the thing came out.

      Well, for the most part we do. The real exception being when there's a hard/definitive stop to a performer's tenure (such as death). For example, Ol' Brown Ears is Back came out in 1993, but we list Jim Henson as performing Rowlf from "1962 to 1990" (ending when Jim died, not when Jim's last work as Rowlf came out). Likewise we've ended Kevin Clash's tenure as Elmo in 2012 (based on his November 2012 resignation from Sesame Workshop) despite Kevin-as-Elmo material continuing to come out in the 2013-14 season of the show.

      Steve was still the go-to performer for Link up until his dismissal in October 2016 (regardless of whether he had put his hand in the physical puppet that year or not). There was Link content released in 2016 with Steve performing so I think it's fair to still list 2016 as his end date and not get too pedantic or speculative over when that material was produced.

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    • Right, there are exceptions. We wouldn't say Jim Henson performed Rowlf until 1993 just as we wouldn't say he performed Kermit until 2014 because an archival recording of his voice was used in Muppets Most Wanted.

      Also agree with your second paragraph.

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    • Right. That makes sense. So, it stays as 2000-2016, but if more Pig in Space videos were released now, it wouldn't change to 2000-2018. Right?

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    • Yeah, I think we'd treat that as a post-tenure case.

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