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  • I haven't had as much time recently to locate a lot of my Muppet or Sesame books for research, so does someone want to try and take a whack at revamping this page? Isn't there a quote from Danny Epstein in one of the 40th anniversary books that said this was the first thing the Sesame house band recorded music for, or something along those lines?

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    • I'll consult that; SSU might have something too, I think.

      The segments are also called "Dot Bridge" in the CTW docs from UoM, so we should rename the article to that.

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    • And in Episode 1733, it followed the Typewriter scene. It's like a dream come true.

      Dot Bridge 02 late
      The last dot goes late and typewriter flies away. RIP to the two.
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    • How are these related to some of the other dot bridges? Were they the same artist just done later or where they completely different?

      I noticed we had Dot Bridge 14 and Dot Bridge 16 listed. And there is one for 40 dots here. They seem to have different music, but be similar concepts.

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    • From youtube Todd Larson

      This collection is a great start. Please let us know when you find these: (1) The coughing dot is replaced by a small, disruptive dot. (2) The small dot gets it right and is kissed. (3) The dots appear tightly because the square's in the way; one turns red and is pounced on. (4) The dots and squares confront each other in the middle, then agree to appear at the same time, culminating in a Catherine wheel.

      Could use help getting the last ones

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    • Well, the good news, so far, is that perhaps the most talked about "dot bridge" segment (listed in the Wiki as #15 "rotating pattern") has at least been located.  I guess my mission now is to find a living copy of Episodes 0290 and/or 0326.  I will humbly and gratefully appreciate any help from anyone toward that goal.

      For whatever it might be worth, I just wanted to point out two discrepancies I believe to exist in the general notes of the entry:

      A. There is in point of fact a 2nd perfect (or straight) dot bridge, as it appears in 0001, totaling 7 from the premier show.  If you play them side by side , clip #2 was performed at a slightly slower tempo.  In fact, clip #3 (late dot) matches up more closely with clip #1 tempo wise (after the snare intro).  And of course, matching up #2 and #3 will give you a similar result to #1 and #2.

      B. From the clips that have resurfaced so far, there are two that are missing from this list: the coughing dot leaves early, and an obscure alternate to the "gather tight" clip (listed here as #11, where the square is occupying that same corner right from when the wall is revealed.  Perhaps the reason why they're not listed here is because they've only been found, so far, on international versions of the show.

      I didn't want to edit the Wiki entry itself because I'm not citing any official sources; I can't verify the clip numbers as they were made in the sequence, and my asertion that there are two "perfect" dot bridges was reached independently from the Workshop, and may not agree with their surviving notes and archives. –MonsterpieceTheatre

      P.S.'s: Thank you Todd Larson and/or Mcomm76 for linking my 2013 upload of the "30 Dots Collection".  Show 0290 aired 13 days after I was born; I hope someone will help make my upcoming birthday a happier one.

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    • You appear to have paid much more attention to the Dot Bridge films than I have, but I had the same question about #1 from Episode 0001, so I played them overlaid on top of one another in Adobe Premiere. As I recall, they matched up perfectly, hence the notes here. I'll check again tonight and maybe post the video comparison if it's helpful.

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    • I hope my audio links were helpful.  But if you want to try it for yourself, make sure you pan them opposite to each other so you can hear the slight tempo difference I found.

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    • A FANDOM user
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