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  • Hi! When you have time, a fact check. Last month, a user altered International Grover (which needs major table clean-up, image fixing, and updates) to say that Martin Reinl turned Grover on Sesamstrasse to Carsten Haffke (probably true), but that Robert Missler stopped dubbing him in 2017(!) That implies Reinl or someone else did the voice for that year, and that Haffke does voice and puppetry now.

    Since the same user also took Morar out of Carsten Morar-Haffke in text (I just caught and undid it), I'm not sure they're reliable. But you are!

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    • Hiya! We're currently doing location shoots for the next Möhre film, so I was able to ask him about this. Carsten is actually fine with it either way; Morar-Haffke is his official name on paper (Morar coming from his wife, which he added to his own in order for the family to share a name). Haffke, the name he was born with, remains his stage name. Yet, since he's mostly (if not always) credited as Morar-Haffke, it's probably best to leave it that way on the wiki!

      As for Robert Missler; he's had life-altering health problems last year and is probably not going to recover to the point that he can continue his Sesame work. Reinl has taken over performing Grover, both in puppetry and voice; the latter starting this year. I have taken over performing Günni, though he'll be dubbed later as I'm not in the same voice range. So, I might literally be pulling the strings, but at least I don't have a potty mouth... ;-D

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    • PS: That Moebe user's profile lead me to this right here... it's cool if they want to attempt a German language take on it, but do we want them to use our logo and background images? Aren't there Wikia rules about this kinda thing?

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    • Thanks for the background info.

      Usually the other language versions of sites (as with Memory Alpha) are authorized or founded in conjunction. Since this one is someone's personal project that they never reached out to us about (with a different url not just, but they actually have their main page index calling itself Muppet Wiki, it's probably the same as when other Muppet/puppet sites tried to take Muppet Wiki logos directly, which was a violation. There's a Spanish version, now up for adoption, but they added an S, Muppets Wiki and have a unique logo. While they don't link back to us, the text positions them as a Spanish counterpart in a way that avoids confusion.

      Wendy would be the best person to speak to as to how to handle it (she's done so for similar issues, usually in those cases disgruntled blocked users).

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    • A FANDOM user
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