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  • WhatLinksHere didn't help me find where we talked with Tony about Uncle Wally's debut, so here's a new thread. It's definitely Episode 1929‎‎.

    Any leads on a ballpark guess for what season User:Oscarfan/Unknown 80s ep might be? Did it come from YouTube? I can start going through my files.

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    • Thanks for confirming that.

      The other episode came from YouTube with no number, and no end credits to put a date to it. The only thing I can say is that the Kermit / Herry bit is from season 16, so that's the starting point. The user also uploaded an incomplete version of Episode 2090, also from season 16, so the mystery episode just be from that season.

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    • It's Episode 1974.

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    • I love our work.

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    • Oscarfan wrote:

      The only thing I can say is that the Kermit / Herry bit is from season 16, so that's the starting point. 

      What's your source for that? Do some of the trusted sources mention it as a season 16 segment, because I've never seen any official sources cite a season for it (I assumed it was a few years earlier, but again, that's just an assumtion), and the eka is a season 18 episode.

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    • The sources we are using are scripts and as such, they list the segment, run time and the production coding they use (like 16-0145 or some such).

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    • I know you told me before that the scripts indicate if they premiered in that episode, I kinda didn't realize they listed what seasons they're from (though I thought I've seen scans of a script that did, and the original Episode 1257 script, as seen on the talk page, does list episode numbers with the inserts).

      I guess the eka just needs to be changed on the proper pages (if they haven't by the time I posted this response).

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    • A FANDOM user
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