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  • Hi there. We don't add links for episodes until there's enough information to create a page for it. I've noticed this has been a recurring pattern in your edits, such as here, so please refrain from adding redlinks in the future. Communication is an important part of working here, so leave a comment below so I know you've read this message. Please also take a look at our policies and guidelines for more on how we edit here. Thanks!

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    • Please respond so we know you've read and understand the concerns expressed in this message. Do not add redlinks unless you have sourced information and plan to create a page. Thanks.

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    • You're still adding links to files that do not exist, which is not helpful. Do not add image links to the Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck page unless the image itself has been uploaded. This is your final warning to stop adding redlinks and reply to this thread. One more, and you're blocked.

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    • This is the fourth time you've added redlinks to the Season 48 page. You have not responded or complied with the previous messages, but you have otherwise been editing in good faith. Therefore, you will only be blocked for one month. If you continue to be uncommunicative and add redlinks after the ban, then it will be permanent.

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    • You're still adding links to pages and images that don't exist as you were before; despite multiple warnings here and your initial block. You've made no efforts to reply or address the messages on your wall, or the ones left by other users in their edit summaries reverting your careless adding of redlinks, and that simply does not fly. I know you mean well, but it doesn't seem like things are working.

      Users are expected to effectively communicate, work in cooperation with the rest of the community, abide by our policies and guidelines, and address concerns that are expressed by administrators. If you can't do that, then you are no longer welcome to contribute here. Good-bye.

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    • A FANDOM user
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