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  • Cratchits

    Not sure how to incorporate this fact into our articles, but apparently according to the book — just as Bob, Emily and Tim were played by Kermit, Piggy and Robin — the characters of Peter, Betina and Belinda were actually played by Simon, Miranda and Melinda.

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    • Which book we talkin'? I assume not this book which uses actual photos from what I can see on eBay. If we have whatever edition this is on the Wiki, we note it on that page, and note it on the character pages with a link to said book page.

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    • According to eBay, it's from A Merry Muppet Christmas: Through the Window.

      I think they should get pages.

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    • New pages, apart from Peter Cratchit and Betina and Belinda Cratchit? I'm not sure there's enough for that, since they'd basically be one sentence each (two at most).

      But Betina and Belinda already has that recording studio pic, so a crop of the Through the Window back cover could go there, maybe even a Behind the Scenes/Off Set sort of note. The Peter Cratchit page currently cites Rizzo saying in Blu-Ray audio commentary that "Peter Frog" played the role, so it could go in that same section, treated in the same way.

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    • In fact, I just adjusted Peter Cratchit accordingly.

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