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    The performing talent of Jim Henson ('s Muppets).

    Recently I’ve been cleaning up the credits on all season pages up to season 25 (so, about halfway there), and I’ve been perusing as many video and material sources as I could find to ensure what’s there is accurate to the on-screen credits. I’ve been doing this mainly for consistency reasons and to eliminate various inaccuracies and oddities that have crept in over time. I realize that we’ve sometimes kept it to notable crew members, but I also noticed that we’re not consistent with that from page to page, so I wanted to remedy that in some way. In any case, if we officially choose to put a cap on who we want to note (or not) for credits, I felt this is a good way for us to start fresh; even if we’ll likely never create a page for “Make-up-person for 8 seasons” and so forth.

    I’ve also been contemplating suggestions for some other formatting inconsistencies I’ve noticed on the season pages. For some Cast sections, we list the Muppet Characters in alphabetical order, and on others it’s a major-to-minor hierarchy. I’d prefer that we do the former for all of them, so we’re not guessing who was more of a major character during the season. I also saw some months ago, Jesse made changes related to the omission of Jim Henson’s performer credit. I guess it’s pretty notable, and it was custom on the show from seasons 2-17, but it seems kind of clunky and excessive to note it on every related page. The closest solution I can think of is change the "Muppet Performers" header to Muppet Performers (Jim Henson’s Muppets), or even (billed as "Jim Henson's Muppets"), or something like that. Thoughts on any of these points?

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    • Redefining/reminding the crew standards is probably a new discussion worth having (right now, just getting accurate info is worth some over detail, I think).

      "Jim Henson's Muppets" was how he was credited on several projects for awhile (without a separate "and Jim Henson" or anything), including Julie on Sesame Street. For entries like that, I've just linked Jim Henson's name in the phrase, and then everyone else. That section is pretty inconsistently headed anyway ("Muppets of Sesame Street" for Season 17, Muppeteers for Season 14). So changing those to the actual credit for the seasons (before "Muppet Performers" became standardized). It would also make more sense for Season 2 (where the credit was "Puppets by Jim Henson's Muppets," then the performers below; the page just has "Puppets by" which seems to suggest they were the builders).

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