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  • Reminder of our past discussions on performer box changes and requiring discussion first. If you disagree with admin changes, bring it up on the forum or on their walls. Reverting admins and ignoring other editors is one of the reasons you were blocked before, and you're slipping back into it again, so please keep that in mind. Thanks!

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    • And you've edit warred again, on Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck. In this case it was mutual, so I'm just warning you both. IF there's a disagreement, communicate: in edit summaries, discussion on each other's walls, or a forum thread. In this case, watching the segment, Gonger actually says "happle" singular, so it's not really worth phonetically transcribing (especially as that was the only example on the page, so it looks weird, and without context didn't even make it clear why it was written that way).

      Please respond here so we know you've read and understand our concerns. Thanks.

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    • And you did not reply here. You did reply to my comment on the other user. You also continued to edit the page (which I did not protect since I hoped discussing it with both of you would prevent further back and forth). Your last edit also ignored my own message above, that "happles" isn't even an accurate transcription.

      So this is a mandatory warning from an administrator. Respond or else. So far, since your last block, you've continued to be uncooperative.

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    • Sorry about all that.

      Perhaps we should get rid of all the transcriptions there to stop this.

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    • The big issue isn't transcriptions or a single point of conflict but the larger pattern of behavior. You need to read messages from admins (if you had, you would have noticed that I said the edit you kept fighting for was incorrect), and when you're told to stop edit warring, stop edit warring (you left a message that time but it was still the same thing.)

      That's the larger issue: ignoring warnings, not communicating (with other users or admins), going back to behavior you were already told to stop (as with both reverting admins and changing performer boxes, which is covered in Policies and Guidelines). So regardless, do not revert any edits by anyone (outside of outright vandalism), but start a forum thread or discuss it with them. Leave edit summaries for all of your edits that aren't minor grammar. If you've missed our Policies and Guidelines section on communication, please read it now, since that's what you keep violating. Wikis are about collaboration and working with other users, including admins and casual editor.

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