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  • The South African Muppet Zikwe is known by that name on every page about the African co-productions, but the trailer to Sesame Square, has me confused.

    In the trailer that is viewable on the show’s Muppet Wiki article, Zikwe is called “Zobi.” And in the article itself, Zobi is listed in a way that makes it look like he is a separate character, even though it’s literally Zikwe’s description with a different name.

    So did they change his name? Or did they do something that I couldn’t explain?

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    • In Thread:267177, Em's world wrote:

      I really need help with this [Thread:267033]. Are Zikwe and Zobi the same character with a different name, or are they different characters that have the same personality?

      I'm sorry, I did see this thread when you posted it, but I don't know the answer. Maybe it's the same puppet design used for two different characters, or perhaps a name translation the way Elmo is Neno elsewhere. Hopefully one of our contributors more familiar with international Sesame Street knows better.

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    • Should I create a separate article for “Zobi” or should I just write a section about Zikwe being renamed on Sesame Square?

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    • I'm not that well versed in Sesame Square or Takalani Sesame, but from actual episodes posted on this youtube page, he's constantly referred to as Zobi.

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    • TakalaniSesameRapport11June06

      Here's his name used in print for a Takalani Sesame comic.

      It would seem that he's Zikwe on Takalani Sesame and Zobi on Sesame Square.

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    • It’s an Interesting situation we have here

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    • I would say make a note of the name change on the character page.

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    • Right now, it's noted: "In the Nigerian co-production Sesame Square, Zikwe is renamed Zobi and retains the same personality as his South African counterpart."

      That makes more sense than a new page. (It also seems like both Sesame Square and Takalani Sesame, as with several other co-productions, are no longer running; I'll see if I can dig up ending years.)

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    • Ah, well then, jolly good.

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    • A FANDOM user
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