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  • Hey Brad! We recently made placeholder pages for every episode of Sesame Street, so I edited Template:SS-Episode-Guide-Meter to remove the code related to non-existant pages.

    However, I'd like to show the distinction between the three new levels of episode pages on List of Sesame Street episodes and I'm having trouble with the code.

    Is there a way to display the meter in three portions again? The difference being to display them as they're defined in the key:

    • Episode XXXX Kermiteye — full episode guide
    • Episode XXXX Kermiteye — complete guide (but lacks imagery)
    • Episode XXXX Kermiteye — episode page exists
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    • I was thinking, would it help if there were a third identifier?

      Like {{eg|none}} as something for the code to look for?

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    • Hmmm... the code worked off counting the number of articles in categories.

      We don't categorize guide lacking imagery differently so I don't think it can auto-count the content of the page.

      We could re-code the meter but would have to manually update the numbers from time to time (ctrl+F and searching {{eg}}, {{eg|20}} and {{eg|none}} could give us quick counts) but I don't know if there's a way for the wiki to automatically pull those numbers.

      Or we could categorize the guides without images separately to get the wiki to count them for us.

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    • Ah, okay. It's probably not worth creating a third category just for the duration of this project. Hopefully we're done with the guides sometime this year and it won't be necessary anymore.

      I'll probably just post an update every now and then like I did here.

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    • A FANDOM user
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