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  • Hey, I noticed you posted a photo of the Sesame Street 1 - Original Cast Cassette Tape on the Sesame page. Can you give me more information about that? I listened to it as a kid and have been searching for the cassette tape version (not the record) for about 17 years. eBay has nothing. 

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    • Hello. I'm not sure which picture you mean -- can you provide a link? This one was posted by User:KarNYCLoAMR and it seems to be the only one on the The Sesame Street Book & Record page.

      That said, I did not own that album as a cassette, so if I posted a picture I found it online somewhere. Possibly discogs or another record database if it has never appeared on ebay. For example, there is an entry for the cassette here.

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    • CanadaCTW22064SS1.jpg  Do you know who posted this image?

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    • I see now. I'm sorry - I didn't check the international releases. Yes, that was added by me in 2010. But I don't remember where I found it.

      Ebay is honestly the most likely source for a cassette. I used to search international ebay as well as the regular one so perhaps it was on and that's why you did not see it? Alternately it may have been on one of the music databases instead (although I mostly used them to track down 45s and 8tracks), or possibly even a "vintage toys" collector site. But whatever it was it's not likely it is still available 9 years later.

      I'm sorry I can't help more with finding it. If you are not especially tied to that cover, you might have more luck keeping an eye out for the Australian (axis/summit) version; those seem to turn up slightly more frequently.

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    • A FANDOM user
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