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  • Hi, just checking since you didn't leave a summary or source, do you have access to the script documents or video for Episode 0343? And even if you do, it's a good idea when someone leaves a "removed pending source" sort of edit to explain the source when you re-add it. Otherwise it just looks like edit warring. Thanks!

    If there's not a source, I'll take them out again for the reasons already stated in my summary.

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    • I checked on YouTube, but no episode. I checked on Dailymotion, but no episode. I even looked up on the Internet Archive Search, but there's no luck finding it. So, does this mean there's only one letter sponsor announced?

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    • That happened in quite a few early episodes, including the season premieres on DVD. What I undid was a user's speculation, and apparently you undid that also based on speculation. So don't revert changes for that reason again, please.

      If you find a source, then it can be altered (and the admins who added the sponsor info to begin with might double check), but we don't change based on guessing and seeming, especially when someone already has checked (and can check again if need be).

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    • A FANDOM user
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